Trinity Shepherd - Prestonsburg, KY
Founder of TLC Outfitters and the first Bugle Brother, Trinity has been dealing with elk for 10 years. Naturalist by career and hunting fanatic for life, Trinity credits the 6 years 100% success to the Great Almighty above, supportive family, and awesome friends.
  Vondell Shepherd - Hueysville, KY
Vondell is the father to the founder of TLC Outfitters, Trinity, and was the one that planted the seed in a little boy years ago that has now grown into a serious outdoorsman. Vondell is a vault of knowledge and lends advice and motivation for all the Bugle Brothers. He may be listed as Bugle Brother 2, but he was the original one before TLC was ever thought of.
  Adam McGuire - Prestonsburg, KY
Adam brings a host of experience with him. As a lifelong outdoorsman, Adam has many years under his belt in the woods and on the water. When he is not slaying giant whitetails or landing slabs, elk is on the menu! Very methodical, light spoken, and easy going, Adam has his eyes on the prize, trophy elk.
  Matt Woolwine - Waco, KY
Matt gives credit to his Father and grandfather for moulding his passion for the outdoors. His grandfather for teaching the skills it takes to get up close and personal with the critters and his father for teaching him the ethics and respect it takes to maintain the laws and a healthy wildlife population. Matt considers it more gratifying to give back to the land and future hunting generations thru conservation and introducing new hunters, young or old, to the sights, sounds, and adrenaline rush that only the critters can provide. Matt will tell you that he's turning over a new leaf and that he's starting with Genesis 27:3.
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